Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Longhorn Band to play Dallas Winspear Opera House

Tickets NOW on Sale:  Longhorn Band in concert at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, Winspear Opera House.  Saturday, March 10, 2018, at 2:00 PM.  

Click HERE for ticket purchase.  This will be a spectacular concert and we invite you to attend.  Get your tickets soon!

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Normandy 75th D-Day LHAB update - 01/2018

Happy New Year to our LHAB Normandy participants:

As we embark upon 2018 and the Normandy trip, there will be regular updates to you throughout this next year and a half as we approach the June 2019 departure.  There isn't much going on right now and the steering committee will convene very soon to discuss the next phase of planning and trip preparation.

By now, you should already be receiving your first invoice for pre-payment after your initial deposit.  These invoices will be sent monthly until the balance is paid in full.  Please monitor your email accounts for these invoices and promptly pay the balance due.

We're honored the organizers of the 75th D-Day celebrations requested the UT Longhorn Alumni Band be responsible for the National Anthems of France, Great Britain, Canada and the USA.  We will also be responsible for performing "Amazing Grace" during the wreath laying portion of the ceremonies at the two cemeteries and will be leading the playing of the "Longest Day March" in Sainte-Mere-Eglise during the opening ceremonies of the International Salute to Liberation.  Earl Hurrey, our trip representative, informs us the Longhorn Alumni Band will be the largest and most anticipated band EVER in the D-Day Memorial Parade. Music will be provided by later this spring and Dr. Scott Hanna will be our musical director for this historic occasion. 

Chris Meeker, Earl’s colleague, confirmed that our band is the largest entry in the history of the D-Day memorial celebrations. There are 30 groups scheduled to attend from the U.S., representing 20 different states. Flight schedules to be published later this summer, and we will be sending you a separate memo regarding flight information and schedules. Our steering committee will make every attempt to create a uniform to well represent the LHAB, the University of Texas, the State of Texas and the U.S.

LHAB participants by the numbers:

To all those registered making the June 2019 D-Day trip to Normandy, France in support and honor of those sacrificed so much defending our freedoms we all have today - Thank You!

If you have any questions we haven’t addressed, please email lhabnormandy@gmail.com and we will answer your concern or question as soon as we can.

Hook em',

Friday, January 12, 2018

Seating changes for 2018 Texas Football season

Dear LHAB family,

As many of you have seen in the news and social media, our new Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Chris Del Conte has reconfigured the seating in Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium for next fall, putting all of the students together, and that includes LHB.  The new home of the Longhorn Band will be the front 23 rows in sections 30 and 31, which is the mirror image section of where many of you sat during your years in the band.

These moves raise the important question of where LHAB will sit at next fall’s Alumni Band Day, scheduled for Saturday, November 17.  That seating will be in the south end zone, sections 37 and 38.  For most games, those sections will be general admission student seating, but for our big weekend, those seats will be reserved for the greatest alumni band in the world!

Seating chart for 2018 season with band placement highlighted in blue.

We are grateful to Mr. Mike Perrin for his continued support of and advocacy for LHAB - his leadership ensures that LHAB will continue to have a home in the lower level of the stadium for years to come!

Wishing all of you the best in 2018, and Hook ‘Em!

Scott Hanna
Director, Longhorn Band
Associate Director of Bands
Conductor, Wind Symphony
Sarah and Ernest Butler School of Music

Monday, December 11, 2017

2017 Alumni Band Day Photos/Videos Request

Request for Photos and Videos from 2017 Alumni Band Day

Hello LHAB,

We hope everyone had a blast at Band Day this year, it was great to see everyone who attended this years event. We had tons of regular attendees and there were people attending for the very first time, as well as some who haven't been back in several years. Thanks to everyone who made this year's Band Day an exciting and memorable weekend. For those who missed Band Day, we hope to see you next year or at a local playing event in your area!!!

We've added a page to our website where your event photos and videos are available to view. BUT, we need your help in getting your great media content into the LHAB site. This is where YOU can help share your pictures, video or even YouTube links for all to appreciate.

Go HERE and share.  It is a very easy process and a great way to show off your pictures. Enter details of the photo, place, member names (if you want), etc., and you can indicate by section or event. HAPPY POSTING and please add as many as you'd like.

Thanks and Hookem

sample screenshot from LHAB Photos website page.
 LHAB Rivet Photos-Videos

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

2017 Annual Band Day Survey

Your feedback is extremely important and valuable to the LHAB.  Please follow the link below to respond to our 2017 Annual Alumni Band Day Survey.  If you attended Band Day this year, you will be asked to respond to a few questions to help your officers plan to make next year's Band Day as good or better than this year's.  If you DID NOT attend this year, your response to only 3 questions is still very helpful.

Click Here to begin Survey:

We know you have some great pictures, videos, and stories from Alumni Band Day.  Please share them with us so we can feature them on the LHAB website! 

Thanks in advance for your response!

Send Your Appreciation to
Mike Perrin, Athletic Director!

We are asking our members to send Mike Perrin a personal Thank You letter or card for attending our rehearsal and being a strong supporter of our band program!  Please take a moment to mail a card if you can!  

Mail to:
Athletic Director Mike Perrin
The University of Texas at Austin Athletics
P. O. Box 7399
Austin, Texas 78713

Normandy 2019 updates

Currently, we have over 461 members and guests registered for attendance, 250 marching.  Registration is still open to members interesting in attending the 2019 75th D-Day Normandy trip.  Go to the registration page for details and signup.  

Hook em' Horns!!!!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Nominees 2017-18

(1 Year Term)

President: Sara Beth Purdy
President-Elect Geof Sloan
Past-President Joe Dahlstrom
Vice President Jo Lyn Peters
Vice President/Treasurer: Cynthia Wren
Vice President/Secretary: Matt Brandt
Vice President/Communication: OPEN
Vice President /Music Librarian: Tess McKenna
Vice President/Technology: Ben Lee Schneider
Vice President/Registrar/TBS Liaison: Lisa Vasquez
Vice President/KKY Liaison: Edward Martinez
Vice President/Alumni/LHB Liaison Kyle Walker
Vice President/Property Manager/Equipment: Jaime Luna
Vice President/Archives Barbara Helbert
Austin Area Rep: George Moxley
Dallas Area Rep: Michael Haecker
Houston Area Rep: Tom Staton
San Antonio Area Rep: Alison Kubis



Nefertiti Williams 3 year term expires 2020
Tadd Lanham 3 year term expires 2020

Continuing on the Board of Directors
Scott Harmon, Chair 3 year term expires 2018
Nicholas Schroeder 3 year term expires 2018
Dr. Coral Noonan-Terry 3 year term expires 2019
Emily Ellenberg 3 year term expires 2019


Bryan Penn 2 year term, expires 2019
Kent Kostka 3 year term, expires 2020
Continuing on the Board of Trustees
Cathy Sorsby 3 year term, expires 2018
Jo Lyn Peters 2 year term, expires 2018
Bill Phillips 3 year term, expires 2019

2018 Nominating Committee
LHAB Officers & Board of Directors 
(1 year term)

Joe Dahlstrom, Past-President & Chair George Greene
Heather Knolle Christi Cuellar-Lotz
Eddie Lopez.

Respectfully submitted by LHAB Nominating Committee:
Jo Lyn Peters, Chair, Eddie Lopez, George Greene, Tess McKenna, Tadd Landham

Friday - LHAB Business Meeting Agenda


54th Annual Business Meeting – November 10, 2017

Texas Fight
Scott Harmon
Call to Order
Joe Dahlstrom
Introduction of Guests, Remarks, and         
Joe Dahlstrom
March of the Longhorns *
Moton Crockett
Welcome; Wabash Cannonball
Jerry Junkin, Director of Bands
Longhorn Band Report, Stars and Stripes Forever
Scott Hanna, Director of LHB
Pep Band Report; Kansas Alma Mater
Joshua Gall, Assistant Director, LHB
Remarks about Rehearsal & Halftime Show
Scott Hanna; Scott Harmon
March Grandioso
Ryan Kelly, Associate Director, LHB
Presentation/Approval – 2016 Minutes
Matthew Brandt
Presentation/Approval – Treasurer’s Report
Cynthia Wren
D-Day Trip Update
Bill Phillips, chair of Steering Committee
LHAB Charitable Fund Report
Kent Kostka, chair of BOT
Overview of 2017 Scholarships & Recipients
Kent Kostka; Jo Lyn Peters
Honorary LHAB Membership
Kent Kostka; Scott Harmon; Joe Dahlstrom
Passing of the Dunagan Hat
Donna Beth McCormick
Scholarship Fund Raffle
J. P. Kirksey
Board of Directors Report
Scott Harmon, chair of BOD
Consideration of LHAB Bylaws Amendment,
      Introduction of Code of Conduct
Joe Dahlstrom; Scott Harmon
Election of 2017-2018 Officers & Directors
Joe Dahlstrom; Scott Harmon;
Jo Lyn Peters
Installation of 2017-2018 Officers & Directors
Moton Crockett
Passing of the President’s Gavel
Joe Dahlstrom
The Eyes of Texas
Moton Crockett
Sara Beth Purdy

Monday, November 6, 2017


Band Day Parking:

UT Parking Sytems has informed us the price for parking in the Speedway garage will be $20. Here are updated parking instructions: Parking Passes MUST be purchased the day before you use the pass.)

UT Parking Website: https://utparking.clickandpark.com/
Select the radio button by DKR- Texas Memorial Stadium and then hit "Next".
Hit "Find Parking" by the Texas vs. Kansas game.
Select the radio button by the Speedway Garage and click on "Add to Cart".
(No discounts this year. The parking fee will be $20.)

PRINT your parking permit (LHAB will NOT provide any parking permits).

(Note: If Speedway Garage sells out, you may wish to choose the 27th Street Garage, which is one block from the Speedway Garage and the LHAB shuttle stop.)

Friday, November 3, 2017

4PM Ticket order Deadline - TODAY 11/3/17

Guest ticket deadline is 4PM TODAY, November 3rd. If you have not yet registered and need guest tickets ($75/each), please do so before 4PM CDT. TODAY!!!!!!

If you need to add guest tickets, please send us an email through the LHAB Web site and we will add them to your registration: http://www.lhab.org/contact-us

We are still working to resolve the payment processing issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly and will update once it is complete. However, if you need guest tickets, go ahead and attempt registration and we will follow up to resolve payment once the payment issue is resolved.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Update - Band Day 2017 (10/23)


Friday: Registration Pickup and Late Registration will be available at Scholz Saengerrunde Hall from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm.  Any Spirit Items previously ordered from the online store should be picked up at this time.

SaturdayRegistration Pickup and Late Registration will be available in the Longhorn Band Hall Hallway from 8:00 am until 9:00 am.

What if I can't pick up my stuff at registration times? Please find a friend or send someone on your behalf to get your stuff on time. Officers are very busy during the weekend and will not be available outside of the scheduled pickup times. Nametags are required for vest checkout.

Online Registration is open now.  Click HERE for online registration

The deadline for mail-in registration is postmarked by Friday, November 3

The deadline for online registration is Wednesday, November 8 at 5:00 pm, CDT. 


Guest Game Ticket orders must be received with registration no later than Tuesday, October 31 at 5:00 pm, CDT.

1. On Saturday morning, two shuttles will make multiple trips to pick up LHAB members from the entrance of the Speedway Garage on Speedway and drop them off at the Band Hall Stop at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton St. and Robert Dedman Dr.

2. Prior to LHAB practice, two shuttles will make multiple trips to pick up LHAB members from the Band Hall Stop at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton St. and Robert Dedman Dr. and drop them off at the Bubble.

3.  Following LHAB practice, two shuttles will make 3 loops only from the entrance of the Speedway Garage on Speedway, the Bubble and the Band Hall Stop at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton St. and Robert Dedman Dr. to drop members at their car and/or the Band Hall. Please allow seasoned veterans, the disabled, and parents with young children to board first.

4. After the game, two shuttles will make multiple loops for 90 minutes only to pick up LHAB members from the Band Hall Stop at the southwest corner of Dean Keeton St. and Robert Dedman Dr. and drop them off at the entrance of the Speedway Garage on Speedway.

TIME                                    SHUTTLE ROUTE
7:00 am - 9:00 am              Speedway Garage to Band Hall Stop
9:00 am - 9:30 am              Band Hall Stop to Bubble
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm            Speedway Garage to Bubble to Band Hall
AFTER the Game               Band Hall Stop to Speedway Garage
Registration is still open! 

Click HERE for online registration or download PDF Registration form to mail in your registration.  We have 200 registered for Band Day so far.  Register now.
View the LHAB welcome video here from LHB Director Dr. Scott Hanna.

Download a PDF copy of Nov 10-11 Band Day Schedule here:  

Thanks, and Hook ‘Em!
Heather Knolle
LHAB Registrar / TBS Liaison