Friday, August 5, 2016

New T-Shirts, Dri-fit Shirts, and Spirit Items!

We have 6 different shirts to offer!

 These will be available to order through the new website during Band Day 2016 registration!  
C:\Users\Jo\Desktop\LHAB\2015-2016\Spirit Items\Circle_White.jpg C:\Users\Jo\Desktop\LHAB\2015-2016\Spirit Items\Circle_Orange02.jpg

Script LHAB encircled with "LHAB - The Blast from the Past"

C:\Users\Jo\Desktop\LHAB\2015-2016\Spirit Items\Polos.jpg

Dri-Fit Polos in Men's and Women's Sizes
(Uniform Acceptable!)

C:\Users\Jo\Desktop\LHAB\2015-2016\Spirit Items\LHB_Keep_Swingin_FB.jpg

A Crowd Favorite: "Still Swingin'"

Script LHAB (in orange & white)

 Watch for other *NEW* spirit items to be added soon!

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